Hit the Road Without Breaking the Bank: Ways to Save Money on Your 2023 Road Trip


Before you book your next road trip, consider the following ways to save money on your 2023 trip:

Make a list and check it twice.

When you’re planning your road trip, it’s important to have a list of items that need to be packed in order to make sure you don’t forget anything. Make sure you check the weather forecast for your destination, as well as how much fuel your vehicle holds and its maintenance schedule. You’ll also want to pay attention to any warning signs about tire pressure or oil levels; if there are any issues with these parts of the car, then it might be best not take them on a long trip where they could break down due either mechanical failure or just plain wear out over time.

The last thing anyone wants is getting stuck halfway across country without enough gas in their tank! So make sure that before leaving home (or even closer), check all four tires’ air pressures against what’s listed on those stickers inside each tire valve stem cap—and then double-check again before driving off!

Share a ride.

If you’re traveling with friends and family, it’s easy to share a ride. If you’ve got the cash, there are also many options for sharing rides between strangers. You can use an app like Uber or Lyft, but if money is tight at this point in your life (and it probably will be), consider hiring someone else to drive for you—it’ll save time and money on fuel costs!

If none of these options work for you, then maybe it’s time to look at sharing rides from strangers on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace instead? This way, everyone gets home safe and sound!

Book accommodations on sites like, Priceline and Orbitz to get the best deals.

Book accommodations on sites like, Priceline and Orbitz to get the best deals. offers last-minute discounts if you book your rooms early enough in advance of your travel dates (usually about two weeks). They also offer special rates for 14 nights or longer, which can save you money if you plan to stay at that hotel for more than one night. You should always check out these prices first before booking directly through any hotels’ websites because there may be additional fees associated with booking through third-party sites like and Expedia—and all three of these companies charge commissions on their own booking services as well!

Priceline has a reputation for offering low prices on hotels; however, this is not always true when it comes time for actual booking because some users report being charged higher rates than expected upon arrival at the property itself; therefore it’s important not only look into those costs but also read reviews carefully so as not end up paying too much later down line.”

Keep your vehicle in good running condition.

  • Keep your vehicle in good running condition.
  • Have a mechanic check your car before you leave.
  • Check the tire pressure and make sure it’s holding air, as well as the oil and water levels in each cylinder. Make sure all lights are working properly as well as that there are no warning lights on when starting up or during driving around town (i.e., “Service Engine Soon”).

Pack light (but don’t forget your essentials).

Pack light but don’t forget your essentials.

You will have the most fun if you pack a small bag, and make sure it holds just the essentials: your wallet, phone and keys; some cash; plastic bags for dirty clothes; some snacks or other meals if you’re on an overnight trip (and they’re not too heavy). Don’t forget to pack toothbrushes and toothpaste if that’s important to you.

Leave the cooking to professionals.

When you’re planning a road trip, one of the best ways to save money on food is by eating out. But there are some things you need to know before deciding whether or not it’s worth it.

  • Eating out is expensive. The average price for an entree at a restaurant or fast food chain is about $15 and up, which means that if you want something other than an appetizer (like soup), salad or dessert after your meal, then maybe this isn’t such a great idea after all!
  • It’s also important that if you decide on eating at a restaurant on your way down south—or any place where there might be fewer restaurants available per capita than back home—you plan ahead so everything doesn’t get lost in translation when ordering something off the menu (i.e., “3 eggs with bacon”). This will help ensure everyone gets exactly what they want without having to argue over who gets more bacon first!

Use free Wi-Fi while you’re on the road.

Using free Wi-Fi while you’re on the road can save you money. If you’re going somewhere with a lot of people and/or places, your phone will probably be able to connect to a network without needing to pay for it. You can also find free Wi-Fi in public places like parks and coffee shops.

A laptop has more power than an iPad or tablet, so it can run apps like Google Maps offline (so they won’t drain your battery). Plus, if there’s no internet at all where you are staying, then using one will keep things moving smoothly!

Be flexible with your dining options.

If you’re traveling with the family, consider eating at local restaurants. This may be a little more expensive than grabbing a fast food meal, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for something more substantial than McDonald’s or Burger King.

If you don’t want to eat at a restaurant every night of your trip and are planning on cooking most meals yourself (which is also possible), consider bringing along some snacks such as trail mix and granola bars in case there aren’t any stores near where you’re staying. You can also bring along fruit if necessary: apples make great snack foods because they won’t spoil quickly when not refrigerated for long periods of time!

Pack a picnic lunch.

If you’re going on a road trip and have the option to pack your own lunch, there are several options that can help save money. Pack a cooler, lunch box, picnic basket or bag and keep it all in one place so that when it comes time to eat at the end of the day—or even during—it will be easy for everyone involved.

If choosing between these different options is too confusing for you right now (and let’s be honest: who isn’t?), we’re going over what each has so far as advantages and disadvantages in this article by explaining everything from cost savings to convenience factors like carrying capacity and weight capacity.

Consider renting a car, if possible.

If you’re planning on driving, consider renting a car instead of flying. Even if you’re not planning to visit multiple destinations in one trip, the cost savings can be significant.

Renting a vehicle allows you to explore places that aren’t accessible by public transportation—and they make it easier to see where your interests lie without having to pay for expensive plane tickets or travel reservations. You also have more flexibility when deciding where exactly you want to go! And if one friend cannot drive because he/she has an illness or injury preventing him/her from using an automobile? No worries: You can always rent with another person who will drive their own personal vehicle (or even someone else’s).

Get a better deal on restaurant meals.

  • Don’t order alcohol.
  • Don’t order appetizers.
  • Don’t order dessert.
  • Don’t order sides (unless you’re willing to pay extra).
  • If you do go out for drinks, make sure your server knows exactly how much it will cost before ordering anything else so you don’t accidentally overpay later on in the night—it’s more fun when everyone has a good time and isn’t too thirsty!

Think before you book a hotel room.

One of the best ways to save money on your trip is by not having to pay for a hotel room. If you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have many restaurants, hotels can be expensive and inconvenient. Consider booking your rooms through sites like, Priceline or Orbitz—these websites allow you to search for deals based on location and amenities like free Wi-Fi access or breakfast buffet included in the price of your stay (or vice versa).

If you’re looking for something more unique than a typical hotel room, consider renting an RV from one of these companies instead! They’ll typically charge less than what it would cost at a traditional campground because they don’t need all those things like electricity and water hookups (and who wants those anyway?). Plus if there’s no need for electricity or water hookups then there won’t be any fees either!

Make your trip fun and memorable by finding ways to save money on it

The most important thing to do is make sure you have fun on your road trip. If you’re used to eating out every night, then it can be tempting to eat in restaurants every day while on vacation. But if you want an authentic experience with local ingredients and cultures, consider skipping the chain restaurants altogether and saving money by cooking your own food at home!

In addition to saving money by eating at home instead of paying for meals out every night (and potentially wasting money on food that isn’t good), there are other ways that travelers can save money when planning their next big adventure:

  • Consider renting a car instead of taking public transportation or traveling as part of a tour group where everyone else has been drinking all day long before getting into the car together at midnight after dinner had ended.* Pack yourself some snacks so that when hunger strikes during the day (or even just between meals), there will always be something available in case someone wants something besides simply asking someone else if they could borrow theirs…


You’ve got a great idea for a road trip, but you’re not sure how much it will cost. Or maybe you want to go on vacation this year, but your bank account isn’t looking so good right now. Maybe both! Either way, we’re here to help: We’ve put together 10 ways you can save money while enjoying the open road with family and friends.

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